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I have a Bolt+. The hard drive went out in it for the 3rd time, so rather than going with a replacement with another el cheapo drive from TiVo, I went to an external 3TB WD red connected to the board with a long SATA cable and separate power supply. The drive works great, however almost every day, the TiVo loses internet connectivity and randomly loses connectivity to my minis. There’s nothing wrong with my internet connectivity as I have 1 GB fiber and managed 1GB unifi switches. No other connectivity issues. I even have a monitored vpn that I know hasn’t gone down during times when the TiVo says it has lost connectivity. When it says it has lost connectivity, I can still run a network test and it connects fine. I can renew the IP lease and the box can still phone home successfully... but no connectivity to services such as Netflix and if I just hit the TiVo button twice to bring up recorded shows, it gives the connectivity error. Rebooting the box makes everything happy for another day or so, then it happens again. I have tried completely disconnecting power several times with no different outcome. any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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