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Our Bolt displays a black screen when we turn on our HDTV system. (Power up consist of turning on the receiver and TV, Our Bolt and adapter run 24/7).

I change the channel and all is well. It always takes a channel change to begin any video upon powering up. This is not related to any particular channel and occurs only at initial power up. The system performs normally after the initial start up and a channel change.

I suspect the tuning adapter provided by Cox only because historically numerous problems have occurred from the many tuning adapters we've installed. Typically it's not the adapter but some corrupted setup at the headend.

I'm trying to determine if this issue is from the tuning adaper, or possibly from the Bolt. I had rather drink a gallon jug of "Go Litely" than make a call to Cox tech support.

Have any of you observed this start up problem from your Bolt?
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