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Bolt error message r105 on failed recordings and then rebooted, trying to find answers

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I have 3 Bolts. I posted about a year ago that I found the fix as to why my Bolts would reboot at random times and cost me recordings. I had gone out and bought new ac adapters and it had appeared to be working for about a month. Until the rebooting started happening again. I was wrong.

I then realized that it would happen on occasion with the Bolts connected to the network via ethernet and at the exact time they were scheduled to automatically connect to the network.

So for the past 6 months, I have unplugged the ethernet cord from the backs of each Bolt when each specific Bolt was recording something. I hadn't had one single reboot in the past 6 months until today.

The one Bolt I have on operating system T3, the ethernet unplugged as usual while recording, had 3 recordings today on three separate channels fail with the error code r105/Unknown and then it shut down and rebooted at the exact time that it was scheduled to connect but failed to connect to the network.

Is this a sign of a possible faltering hard drive? I have no clue how it rebooted with the ethernet cord unplugged or why it missed those recordings.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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