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I just tried what you suggested and looked on e bay. They do have some units priced really good with life time. There are also a few Used Bolts for under $80 with no life time. It would be cheaper for me to buy one of those Bolts and just use the hard drive to replace mine.
I purchased a non-lifetime Bolt on eBay and changed out the hard drive when my bolt died earlier this year.
I wanted the 3tb 6 tuner version unit for the storage. It had died the year before and I purchased a WD 2TB drive but it didn't last a full year.
Only issue I had was the new hard drive had the version 4 installed. Took some doing (and I don't remember what I did) but I finally got my version 3 back.
I read that they tend to overheat so I bought a laptop fan and put it under the unit after replacing the hard drive. Jury is still out on whether that works.
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