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Based on the above, it sounds to me that your preferred option would be to stick to the Comcast X1 devices. As far as the remote control issue is concerned, you should be able to get Comcast to replace it with one that you like better--whether the same model or a different one. They have remotes that are designed for better tactile functionality (e.g., for folks who need larger buttons for whatever reason). You might prefer the XR5, which has larger buttons than the newer models and does not support voice commands.

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At the very least, you could give this option a shot in order to test out how well it works out for you. If you decide against it, it is easy enough to return the second Comcast STB and go back to TiVo bearing in mind that Comcast will only charge you a pro rata fee for the number of days that the box was on your account
On a recent visit to my local Xfinity store to swap a defective XB7 Internet gateway, the store had a basket at the front of the store with new XR11 X1 voice capable remote controls. I asked if I could have two of them for my XG1v4 DVRs and they said I could have four of them. No charge. If you have an Xfinity store close by, you could check to see if they have any XR11 remotes or you could try to order the XR11 remote by calling customer service, use the online support chat, or contact support on Twitter or Reddit.

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