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My 2017 Bolt with life time, was replaced in 2019 because of a HHD failure under the warrenty. Today the same thing has happened again. All lights flashing. Because of the failure, my mini in another room is not working. I can replace the HHD myself for $150 or send to Weeknees and they will do it for $200. Or for $586, I can get a brand new Edge with life time and their care program. I have read on here that the Edge has had a lot of problems. I am not sure if my Bolt has a resolution problem. But I have a Comcast DVR and the Bolt connected to the same 50 inch Samsung TV. The Comcast box has a very noticable better picture then the Bolt. So I am not sure if Comcast is doing something to restrict the resolution thru the cable card or not. But it is another thing to think about before I decide on what route to go. I started with a ser 2, then bought a HD with life time, which I still have sitting on a self and now the Bolt with life time. I prefer the Tivo remote over the Comcast one. The buttons on the Comcast remote are not easy to press and I haven't gotten use to using the voice commands. My wife says the Tivo is easier for her to use. If I don't replace the Bolt, I will have to get another Comcast box to replace the mini. That would cost an additional $108 a year. If the new Edge would last five years like the Bolt then it would work out to $116 a year. Basicly the same as renting the additional Comcast box. What direction would any of you go?
I will not go back to using the HD after having the Bolt. So I should just give it away. I bought the Tivo streaming device but found it hard to use. So that is sitting on the shelf also.
I had the same issue where my HD failed on my Bolt. I purchased a replacement drive from Weaknees (smaller drive) and purchased a SSD HD from Amazon (1 TB) and then cloned the smaller drive on to the larger SSD drive giving me more recording space. With the SSD drive the unit runs cooler and it seems more responsive. I stored my replacement drive form Weakness incase the SSD drive fails as I could pick up another cheap SSD 1 TB drive from Amazon for about $80.

I've had this setup now since January of this year and I have not had any issues. I get it that Weaknees needs to charge for the software on the drive but now that I have a "master drive" I won't need to spend additional money at Weaknees in the future. I am quite comfortable changing the drive as the tutorial on their YouTube channel will walk you through it and I have the Torx driver so it's no big deal.
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