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Last week, I came home and there was no sound coming from my Bolt. Also, any text generated by the Bolt was pixilated. I looked at the settings and my Bolt refused to recognize the HD resolutions offered by my TV. I tried to work around the issue and plugged in an external sound speaker, and even that was distorted.

After speaking with TiVo (and multiple reboots), they claimed it was a hardware failure, and I went through the whole process of ordering a replacement (and had to pay the charge). Ironically, during the entire time, my TiVo remote box was working fine.

Now, almost a week later, the original Bolt seems to be working fine.

I'm wondering if this was an overheating issue (as the box was very hot), or if they did a software update, and then a second update.

Did anyone else experience this?

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I've run into the pixelated issue at one time or another with every Bolt I've owned. Seven or Eight. No idea what caused it but it has been a rare occurrence. A reboot fixed it. But I did not have any audio issues when it happened.

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Perhaps it's too late to do anything about a new box order, but for a hot box, something to consider:

Bolt + ODT Temp
LOL Mike, that's my fan/hand/leg...... LOL. Glad my pic could be used to help others.

Yeah, my ODT was getting up there during the heat wave. This fan helps tremendously. My operating temp in the cooler weather with me using the "low" setting on the fan and just pointing it across the back of the TiVo is now 48-51. I am working on some risers to get the Bolt up higher. I may just leave things there and still point the fan or if the risers give me enough height, I may place the fan under the TiVo.

These are what I am going to use as risers. I've bought some cork that I am going to put on top to prevent slippage and affix some to the bottom (or just place under) to protect the chest my TiVo sits on.

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