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Blank TV Screen

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This morning when I turned my TV on with my TiVo remote I just got a black screen. I heard the tv turn on but there was nothing on my screen and no audio. I unhooked the TiVo and the tv works fine so its not the tv- I hooked TiVo back up and nothing. The green light on the front of the TiVo is on and I hear something running in the TiVo box. I can't get to TiVo central or anything. I have an older box that was bought in 2004- don't know what series or anything- no HD or anything just regular TiVo 40 hour box. Any thoughts on what happened- is it dead?
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I have also started to experiance the Black screen of death. I will be recording something and watching a recorded program when the screen will just go black, no audio nothing. The controls will not work. A powerdown and up is the only way to fix it.

Is this a software issue, harddrive issue, power supply issue or is the board going?

This is a Weaknees updated 40g + 120g Series 2 Tivo box.

I have a new harddrive and I was going to upgrade it soon.
It might just be one of those random Tivo glitches that requires a restart. This happened to me once about a month ago. I just rebooted the Tivo and no problems since.
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