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Blank OLED screen and no video following power outage using ESATA

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Had a power outage last night, now unable to get my S3 to output any video....it had been upgraded via Kickstart 62 and was running version 9.1.

What happens now when I reboot it (with the external drive still connected) is the following:

Tivo starts, all four lights (and Tivo emblem) come on, then go off, then the single orange light appears.

Once it goes off, only the backlighting for the buttons is illuminated, nothing else.

No video appears.

I also tried to reboot it with Esata disconnected and the OLED says 'External Storage Missing', and I also get no video.

Any ideas?
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I hope you get everything worked out but a UPS should be considered essential for a TiVo. I use one that will cover my TiVos for several hours which protects me against 95% of the blackouts around here.
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