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Black Screen Recording!!!!

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Where did the channels go?

Verses went mia on card 1 yesterday, for the TdF Prologue race. A hard reboot restored the missing channels (all digital above 100, including HD channels.) All paid for channels were available on card 2...

It's disappointing that TiVo is not smart enough, to know when there is a malfunction such as this and, to try the other card.

This is the second time this crap has happened, lucky the event that was missed, was rebroadcast several times yesterday. This same thing happened in March when recording the Daytona Supercross (live) race....
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I had a similar experience on a totally different cable company across the country. Maybe it was something with Versus (other them the idiotic last-minute decision not to broadcast the Tour in HD). I noticed when I saw the TiVo recording the 8pm showing (which I hate because I have to listen to Bob Roll). Checking the To Do List indicated that the TiVo didn't have a signal from the video source for the morning showing.

On a positive note, if you had caught the Live broadcast you would have missed ALL of the top finishers as it only recorded about 2.5 hours and the stage went on far longer than that. The primetime broadcast had all of the riders.
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