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Black screen on scan?

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I am experiencing a new problem in the last few days, specifically with the Live World Series of Poker broadcasts on ESPN2. I have Comcast Cable. I am experiencing frequent blackouts during my fast forwards (I believe on rewind as well). So, it becomes very difficult to skip commercials smoothly, etc. I am even occasionally getting audio loss after this problem.

Is this a known issue? It is completely new to me.

Thanks, in advance.

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Bump? Has anyone seen anything like this? I haven't seen it on any other channel yet, but I am just wondering what is up. Maybe a bad MPEG stream that is changing resolutions midstream?
Yep, I've been noticing the past few days on Tiger baseball games on Fox Sports Detroit HD (Comcast Cable).
Are we the only two in the world? Maybe my title was not useful? I'm guessing it is a lazy provider issue (providing a bad stream), but I am afraid of a potential trend toward intentionally thwarting DVR fast-forwarding, etc. Heck, it could be both...lazy provider provides a bad stream accidentally, then the networks realize they can use that to their advantage, and do it on purpose. Hopefully, any measures that drastic would be made illegal.

I guess maybe there were some advantages to standard def.
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