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I'm new to TivoToGo, and although I've searched quite a bit, I haven't seen anything on this, so I thought I would ask.

Every single video that I transfer from my Series2 DT using TivoDesktop 2.4a has a thick black border on all four sides. No, I am not talking about letterbox borders. Even standard 4:3 aspect ratio shows, when viewed on the PC in WMP9 Windows Media Player, have a black border all the way around.

This is especially aggravating because when I have TivoDesktop Plus automatically convert the videos for Ipod, the image gets that much smaller on the Ipod screen because the wonderful black borders are preserved in the conversion.

Does everyone have this "feature" on their transferred videos? Is there any way to get rid of these short of transcoding every single video a second time with something like Mediacoder? That would be a fantastic waste of time simply because Tivo doesn't want to transfer properly cropped video.

Also, I have noticed Windows Media Player (the only thing I seem to be able to use to play .Tivo files) will not play them full screen. If I try it, I see the picture in the upper-left corner for a moment, then WMP switches out of fullscreen mode. It just flat out refuses to play in fullscreen mode. Is this also the norm? Another copy protection feature?

I'd be grateful if someone could educate me a little...

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