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I'm also in the SF Bay Area. I seem to be having similar problems. USA, SciFi, TBS, AMC and various other channels pixilate and freeze up but the problem doesn't appear on every channel. However, if I switch to watching those channels that are pixilating on the other tuner they are fine. Now I'm thinking one of my tuners is going out or the cabling for that tuner has a problem.

Side note: I have a few hardisks for this DirecTiVo and the pixilation problem is present on the two I have tried so far. One of the hardisks is running software 6.2 and the other is running 6.3e-01-2-151. I think my original harddisk is still running 3.x software so perhaps I'll power that one up and check for the pixilation problem.

Is there a way to tell on screen which tuner is being used?

update: I swapped the SAT1 and SAT2 cabling and the pixilation problem remained on SAT2. Checked signal strength and have 80% on SAT1 and 77% on SAT2. Rechecked signal strength and now it says 81% SAT1 and 0% on SAT2 - doh!

I'm off to get a ladder and check the status of the dish and its connections but I doubt there is anything wrong there since swapping the SAT1 and SAT2 connections left the problem on the SAT2 tuner.

Any other thoughts?

update2: I think I've eliminated my pixilation issue on SAT2 by unhooking the S-VHS and left/right audio outputs based on a tip in this thread and info in another thread:


For the last 60+ minutes I've had no pixilation issues on USA or SciFi. I can get the pixilation back instantly if I hook up the S-VHS cable to the back of the unit.

I'll post an update if the situation changes.
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