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pudge44 said:
I have absolutely no inside knowledge here whatsoever, just pure speculation, but I would not be surprised if BTN HD programming is indeed available in MPEG-2 on the HR10-250.

I highly doubt the BTN is going to broadcast full-time in HD. If anything, they will only offer HD games in three-hour blocks on Saturdays, in which case it would not be surprsing to see DirecTV throw those up on one of the HD spillover channels (94 or 95) that they use for things like NFL Network games and the occasional MLB, NBA or NHL broadcast.
The BTN claims that they're going produce more original HD than any other network in history.

I think it's very likely that you'll see spill-over HD programming on 94/95 but I don't think the OP wants to rely on the good graces of the football gods that there won't be conflicting programming that prevents that.

It would be a real pinch to put the BTN HD on MPEG2 full time since DTV already drops MPEG2 HD channels to make room for Sunday Ticket HD. The main reason I say almost certainly is that the BTN is twisting arms pretty hard to get the broadest distribution possible. The SD channel will probably cover that leaving MPEG2 customers with spotty HD coverage. MPEG4 is the only way to be certain that you'll get all the HD programming available from the BTN.
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