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RaGeJac said:
I referred to the Tivo interface. I also experience a slow down when I try to change the menu, display the guide and so on. As soon as I disconnect the cable all of these functions respond well. Does this make sense?
Is your Tivo networked, or do you use a phone line for guide data?
I seem to vaguely recall a similar issue (with slow Now-Playing List, etc.) coming up in the past, something to do with bad/incorrect Domain Name Service lookup. Apparently the Tivo interface will sometimes sit and wait for network response on a few things.

If you are networked, try unplugging just the network cable and check the result.
OTOH, with CableCards, it could be a similar yet different problem involving the CableCards. You might consider carefully disconnecting the CableCards from the Tivo and checking the result. That would certainly narrow down the culprit.
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