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I shudder to think that there is a person on this earth that would entrust thier children with such a bubble-head like Jen. This is borderline abuse.

The girl could get lost taking the kids out for ice cream.

Doesn't say a whole lot about Vanna White.

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AstroDad said:
So wait, is she ACTUALLY Vanna White's nanny or is that just a name someone threw out there?
That is what everyone on the BB boards are saying. Apparently it is confirmed.

Oh and Dick wants BB to make him a shirt that says...Jen-italia. They left out of the show.

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I guess I will do my best ED impression and name drop. I actually met Vanna White and her ex-husband at a fight in Las Vegas many years ago. Was funny because her husband was demanding they bring them crystal glasses to drink their champagne from at ringside. They would not do it though, because they only allowed plastic cups and such. He was very mad.

She was very nice though, and she is very teeny tiny. I was amazed at how small she was.

I feel bad that Jen is her nanny. Poor kids.

Maybe Jen was upset with the pictures because she did not get any of Vanna White so she could show off?

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I LOVE how BB keeps playing the video of Jen crying about the picture over & over! I hope they do that every episode!

I really don't dislike anyone in this game except for Jen & Jessica. Those two are the worst people ever on BB in my opinion! They are both so clueless about what other people think of them vs what they think of themselves! I really disliked Joe in the beginning, but he is completely overshadowed by Jen & Jessica. Maybe I just dislike people (on BB) with names that start with a J!?
41 - 57 of 57 Posts
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