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drumorgan said:
I think the cheap shot is to vote for him to sleep walk into one of the gay players. But, that is merely a chuckle. Too obvious. The funnier vote is into Jennifer's bed. That would be more interesting to watch. You really don't want to poke fun at someone else. She is the one that everyone else could be in on the joke, and have a good laugh.
I believe he can't get into jen's bed because she's HoH. The rules stated during the show that the vote would go to the next highest if the highest goes to the HoH. That said, I agree, Jen would have been the best play, since she's so ego-centric, she would probably enjoy the attention.

The only BAD move for Eric would be to lie in Nick's bed, since that would make him a target if the PoV is enacted. Espeiclally since Jen played the nominations on a purely personal level.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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