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HI NINNY! Nice to see you. Hope all is well in your world.

Monte is HOH. I haven't caught up on anything other than that since the live eviction. Do they still have the same besties? If so, I'm hoping he puts up Nicole and Taylor (sorry Taylor!) and they blindside Nicole (and Daniel takes to his bed crying). Not sure he will go that route with the initial noms, but that's the end result I want this week.

Now off to catch up on what happened overnight.
Hello! It's good to see you too! I am well and happy to share another BB season with the TCF peeps!

I love your plan - I freaking hate Nicole and Daniel both, and cannot wait to see them GO! Monte as HOH could help to expedite. I think Taylor is confident in this group and would trust them to oust Nicole. How sweet would that be???
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