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Big Brother 23 - E1 - July 7th *spoilers* (non live feed thread)

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For those of us who don't watch the live feeds. Lets discuss.

First impression....they really went the diversity route this year with much less "eye candy". Hopefully that will mean more interesting people and less wanna be actors/models.

Don't really have a feel for most of them yet and forgive me if I don't know their names yet. I have a feeling that the half Indian/African American woman is going to be annoying. Just on body language alone. And of course this is one episode and five minutes or less of camera time, so I might be totally wrong and she can become a favorite.

I wonder, with "teams" in play if this will follow a Survivor script where there's loyalty to your former teams after any type of merger or not? They dynamic is different in that everyone lives together and not just with your "tribe", so different relationships can form.

I get the feeling also that the one woman who said, I have no plans to form a showmance will probably be the first one in one. Just a feeling!

Not a bad start to the season, but the episode was a bit boring and we really didn't learn a lot about any of these people yet. We'll just see how it goes.
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Big boring for sure.

I liked the window puzzle they did, until I realized that they were going to show it 4 times. That was definitely a FF moment.

Clarie is the self-proclaimed super-fan. I will be watching her to see if she actually knows what she is doing.

I think there were 2 of the women that annoyed me right off the bat. Alyssa was one of them, Hannah (the half Indian/African American woman) was the other.

I liked Britini. She is the kind of big-built white girl.
The other dynamic that I have liked on Survivor's recent seasons but may or may not work here, is the "Alliance du jour". That is an alliance that is formed base on what's needed for that week and the next week, a different alliance is formed. What we always wind up with on BB is either one super alliance that picks off the weaklings until they are the only ones left, or two major alliances and a couple of floaters who eventually get picked off once they are of no use to one or both alliances. I want to see something different, which is why I like that they teamed off the houseguests which hopefully will create a different dynamic.
The airline attendant from Mass was one that stood out as probably annoying. Seems very full of himself. I am glad it was ALL new people. Hopefully they don't pull a coaches move or other nonsense to pull some previous house guests back in.

Very young group. Only the one woman was 40. A few others in their 30s. Rest 20s.

Not sure how long Frazier will last. I can't see him hanging on in most of the endurance comps that use your weight against you. Even the big muscles guys typically have trouble with that.

3 or 4 highly intelligent houseguests. Wonder if they will be able to hide just how smart they are for long.
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I agree with all of you about Brent and Hannah seem to be the most annoying guests.

I'm hoping for a good season!
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overall, i enjoyed this premier more than many others of recent seasons, except for the glaring absence of the audience - that really cut the energy level down to almost nothing.

the cast is almost entirely likeable, but if i'm not mistaken, xavier was responsible for the many crashes of his team's pyramid - if that wasn't on purpose for some twisted reason, he would be on my short list to target early.

and, yes, brent wins the "most annoying hg out of the gate" award, so i wouldn't be surprised if he was an early target, too.
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