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Big Bang Theory OAD 10/1/2007

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looks like no thread started yet. OK, the pilot was all right for me, but this episode i literally laughed out loud more than i can remember for a sitcom. sure, some of it was stereotypical, but then again, i've seen my friends get into some of these types of stupid arguments.

The superman "physics" was classic. reminded me of a debate between the definition of the term "fingertips" vs. "hands" with a buddy of mine :D not to mention ooohhh, i dunno half the LOST and Heroes threads on here :D

"I must turn my pelvis"

the sarcasm sign

the whole discussion of the cabinet and "problems" and the fans and heatsink solutions... holy crap, too funny!
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The "happy accidents" in the letter put tears in my eye. Poor Madam Curie. :) And of course, he LIT the Light Saber ...
I quite enjoyed this one as well. I've been involved in plenty of those ridiculous comic discussions. I'm not sure the show will make it, but I hope so.

MitchO said:
The "happy accidents" in the letter put tears in my eye. Poor Madam Curie. :) And of course, he LIT the Light Saber ...
i busted out laughing at the light saber. so stereotypical, but still, just thinking of that... still laughing :)
The light saber had me laughing, but the Sarcasm sign made me pause to get it all out of my system. It's one thing for Sheldon not to get sarcasm from Leonard, but it's something else entirely not to get it from Penny.
Just starting to watch this one, and the Superman line cracked me up. I missed most of the rant but just starting with the "men can't fly." "No, no, let's assume that they can..." Reminds me of some of discussions I've had of how animals should behave in a Disney movie while neglecting the whole "talking, walking upright, and wearing clothing" thing.

Oh, and I think Kaley Cuoco is very convincing in the role of "hot girl across the hall."
Very good second episode a big improvement over the first. The lightsaber had me laughing so damn hard. The sign was also another killer moment. The whole superman argument was pretty funny. I hope this show stays around for a while because it is funny as hell.
while this one was better than the first... still seems like they are trying too hard to be nerdy... but it was good enough for another week at least. funniest part was "i hear he's a gentle and thorough lover." that one caught me off guard.
Ok, I admit that enjoyed the Superman argument and they get points for a Green Lantern reference.

It gets another week.
It was laugh out loud hilarious on several occasions. Great show. :up:
Funny show - premise is the stretch, but the Superman physics discussion reminded me of a few people here :D
alpacaboy said:
I missed most of the rant but just starting with the "men can't fly." "No, no, let's assume that they can..."
It's lines like that one that have won me over from being on the fence about its potential, because as a more "socially active geek" I see my more geeky friends start those conversations in public and I cringe.

I really think they get the geek cred right for the moment, and the sarcasm sign.. that was soda out the nose territory considering I've sent emails using HTML tags for it [sar] and [/sar] (for those keeping score at home..)

Another great episode. This show has me laughing out loud nearly as much as "The Office". This is probably my favorite new show this year. Here's hoping they can maintain the great geeky jokes.
Oh man we love this show. Both my wife and I laughed out loud so many times. She actually said it's the best comedy we've seen for years. I agree. Somehow I think I've been in a couple of these conversations before.

And the sarcasm sign...I had to pause and stop laughing.

I think my fav character (besides the very hot Penny) is the professor guy that thinks he's the stud and speaks in Russian and stuff.

I was concerned at first in that it's one of those shows that has to resolve the sexual tension between the 2 main characters at some point but I'm seeing a lot of depth in the characters ala That 70's Show right now that I think it can survive long term even if they get together.
because his arms of steel would cut her into three equal pieces...
Had to pause to make sure I didn't laugh over the next line and miss something like that little gem!

I liked the quick calculation of how fast she would be falling at that point. I think a real physics geek would have used 9.8 m/s/s rather than 32 ft/s/s and given the velocity in kmh. Wonder if the writers had that discussion and decided that 120 mph would be easier to understand.

Hey Diane, I like that term socially active geek. Too funny!
I thought it was much better than the pilot, which was okay.

I like the non- Johnny Galecki roommate. He really seems like he is developing a good sense of timing for his character. Definitely some of the best moments, lines.
I wasn't a big fan of the first episode, but this one was very funny.

The light saber was great, as was the Superman rant. I lol'd on multiple occasions.
This show makes me thankful for the 8-second rewind on the peanut.

As most of you, the sign, lightsaber and Superman argument where tops.

Being a dorky Indian cat myself, if Kaley Cuoco hugged me, I might have to turn my pelvis too. ;)
Is there a laugh-track for this show? And if so, is it over the top?
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