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Betty White is "Off her Rocker"

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Proof that the elderly really are out to get you: NBC has greenlighted "Betty White's Off Their Rockers," a new senior citizen prank show hosted and executive-produced by White, the network's Executive Vice President Paul Telegdy announced Thursday. Based on the award-winning Flemish series "Benidorm Bastards," the hidden-camera comedy follows a group of elderly jokesters who "make it their mission to play pranks on unsuspecting younger people."
I love hidden camera shows. This might be good.
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I haven't watched a hidden camera show since Candid Camera. This may upset some sterotypes about seniors since I would assume that playing against the sterotypes is how they will trick people.
I don't usually like prank shows, but I kind of like the idea of the old punking the young.
I don't usually like prank shows, but I kind of like the idea of the old punking the young.
Agreed! That was my first thought. :)
If the punk the old they risk heart attack or stroke :p
LOL!!! I will watch the first episode just because I like Betty White.
Agreed! That was my first thought. :)
Me, too, since I'm an old fart (60)....
I really enjoyed this episode. With one possible exception, the bits tried to be humorous without being mean. I even laughed out loud a few times.
I watched both the first and second episodes and there were laughs. Mostly the pranks were not mean just silly. The funniest thing was the expression on people's faces when they saw something that was weird.
There was a second one? Hmmm, must have missed it. Yeah, silly, not mean.

I also miss "Just For Laughs"...basically the same kind of show. Unfortunately that didn't last too long :(. So I'll bet this will meet the same fate.

Betty White is pretty popular right now so maybe this will go its entire season.
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