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Best strategy for moving/upgrade?

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After years of using and loving my "Series 1" Hughes DirecTiVo and over a year with the HR10-250 HD unit, I'm now moving to a different state.

With all the talk about discounts, retention incentives and welcome back bonuses, I'm wondering what's the best thing to do:

- Call D* and try for the best deal to *move* my service, install, etc.
- Call, threaten to cancel and try to wheel/deal with retention
- Cancel, then go for the welcome-back play

I also have questions about upgrading to Direct DVRs (non-TiVo):

- Is it worth trying for a replacement for the Hughes?
(My wife loves this unit and its TiVo interface, so there's a downside for me...)

- Should I try to roll in an upgrade for the HD unit, to futureproof myself for MPEG4 feeds?
(I'm moving into a market that has locals in HD)

How about it? Anyone else faced these issues, all at once?

Any guidance is much appreciated...
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Call and be honest, they'll work with you. The Movers Fee is almost at no cost. They'll tell you to leave the Dish and take your receivers with you, so your wife can keep her Hughes Tivo.) You should read other posts on this forum about HD and the fact the DirecTivo units will not get the new HD channels.

My recommendation.... the ONLY reason i stay with D*is because of the NFL Ticket. If you LOVE TIVO and have no need for NFL Ticket, I would move to regular cable and purchase stand-alone Tivo units. Just my opinion, I am sure others will give other reasons why you may want to stay with D*, such as their expanded HD channels which should be released very soon.
Series 3 + cable.
I'll stick with Directv. Don't want to have to pay $399 for a Series 3 Tivo and then $12.95/month to Tivo on top of that.
$265 for a THD and $8.31 a month on a prepay plan, and you get to have the TiVo interface. Or lease the D*DVR thing.

Just giving my suggestion.
You can have the best of both worlds.

Call DIRECTV and see what kind of deal they would give:

Get a Great Deal on an HR20

You could keep your TiVO for your old channels. You would also have the HR20 for your old OTA, SD, and old HD, and all the new HD.

With two receivers you could record 4 games or programs at once. If your TV is capable, you now have PIP DLB! Watch two games at once!

- Craig
I'm actually in the middle of that change right now. As part of a movers package, DTV offered me 2-HR20's @ $49.00 each. Since none of the new HD content will be available on the HR10 it was the only practical choice.

I'll be migrating my HR10's to the guest bedroom and office so I won't be totally without TiVo. Being installed this morning.
Thanks for the very good responses here. I'm kind of surprised that no one weighed in on the FiOS DTV options (Verizon is in the area), but I think I'll see if I can make the leap to the HR20, with D*'s help.

Of course, I have to get my landlord to agree to the dish, too. ;-)

Thanks, folks!
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