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Best Quality Video

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What app is going to give me the best quality when transferring AVIs to my tivo? I would rather not install Python on my system. I am currently using TiVo Desktop and not really happy with the way the videos look. Any tips?
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pyTivo is your best and only real solution other than tivo desktop. It will also do a fine job in transcoding and moving files to your tivo.

Rather than avi's you really should be storing your videos as mp4s to be directly compatible with the tivo, those can transfer without transcoding at all.
Which will do the better job? I am trying pytivo right now but I am having audio problems. I am hearing a "percolator" sound and having sync issues
Give us some info on your video files (mediainfo) and let us know what pytivo is saying on the console. We can help you sort it out. Are you using the latest wmcbrine fork and up to date ffmpeg?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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