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If this was actually real, wouldn't it have made more sense to sue the newspapers and tv news that pointed out that these actors stared on Lost?

(Yes, it's a hypothetical question about the rationality of a hypothetical crazed fan.)

After all, if the "star" is arrested but you never hear about it is it a spoiler?

And of course, this should hasten a transition to e-ink based newspapers and interactive tv news purely to support <spoiler> tags, and force people to actively choose to see the spoiler and thus remove liability for the spoiler from the news organization. ;)

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I was so hoping it was real.

Rather than sending PMs telling people they are breaking the spoiler rules, only to have them write me back and tell me I suck. Oh, and they can use the forum anyway they want.... I could have just filed a lawsuit. :up:

;) :D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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