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Best Freeview Box for Tivo ?

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Do you know a Freeview box that is solid and reliable that Tivo is also happy with ?

I wonder if the old Digiboxes would be a good buy, Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic etc.

My current Panasonic TU-CT20 is dropping for a few seconds then a few minutes at a time, unless I turn it off for a while. It needs turning off once a week to avoid freezing anyway ! Sounds like it's on it's way out
Thought Panasonic would be a safe name to buy, but see their Freeview boxes are not well thought of. The feedback on Amazon for the current TC-CT41 is horrid

Ebay have loads of 2nd hand boxes at low prices.

Any supermarket seems to have them from £20 upwards but I wonder how Tivo would be

Gary has a few pointers in TiVoPortal

Any recommendations welcome

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I have an old Sony OnDigital digibox and it's fantastic with TiVo - although it's not the best if you live in an area with a weak signal..

The software predates any MHEG functionality so no annoying "Press Red" icons.

Worth a look if you can find one second hand.
Any Setpal, again second hand.

PS do a search this has been covered many times.
Thanks Benedict,
I wondered if the Digiboxes would be a good bet
We're in a not so good reception area, although improved recently with a new aerial and amplifier

Thank Fred
I'll work out how to search and go looking
Gary's list of freeview boxes and codes:

Newer freeview boxes can also be better visual quality,
something I was surprised at when I bought a new one...
Well at the risk of...well actually... completely repeating myself again the Wharfedale DV832B (2) Freeview box from Argos is a good bet for me in a poor signal area.
Never missed a channel change in about 9 months, drops sound for 1/2 a second but not picture on impulse interference - better than my old Philips OnDigital box by a streak.
The only real problem is once every 3 or 4 months it will lose sound on a channel change. Another channel change (or quick on/off) restores things so the worst I've lost is one mute recording. More reliable than any of my old cable boxes.
£25 - http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5320503.htm
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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