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BER Testing on Series 3??

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Hi folks,

According to this post there is a Kickstart code 53 which will put the Series 3 in a BER (Bit Error Rate) test mode. Has anyone ever tried this and gotten any results?

I've tried it multiple times and don't see that it does anything. Is it just putting the data in a log file somewhere?

I'm still trying to nail down my pixelation issue. As I make adjustments/changes, I was hoping to use the BER test as an objective measure instead of just depending on watching a given channel to determine if the pixelation is more or less.

And, yes, signal levels have been checked by Time-Warner and by me. I've also determined that the source signal is fine given that I have 3 Series 3's. All of them exhibit the pixelation but NOT at the same within a show. At least one of the Series 3's always has a good recording at a moment when the others have pixelations.

Any insight on the BER Testing mode would be helpful.

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greg_burns said:
Thanks but S-P-S-InstantReplay-S just displays tuning information, the output resolution and the frame rate. I'm looking for error rate information.

However, your link did remind me of some of the older C-E-C codes which displayed log information. Unfortunately, they don't seem to work on the Series 3.

Any other ideas?

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