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I have to admit that I looked them both up on IMDb to see whether there was a connection, even though, as dr_lha pointed out, it's a fairly common Korean surname.

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One of my favorite NHL players was a scrappy kid named Richard Park. Fast as hell, but too small to really be a star. Not sure if he's even in the league anymore. I watched him with the Penguins, but last I heard he was with the Minnesota Wild. And yeah, I'm too lazy to look him up now.

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I don't think it's the "stupidest thread ever", but it is kind of funny sherm, no offense. Particularly the part about the name coming from G.I.s

I work in a Korean company and I can't help but think of the reaction if I asked one of the many Parks I know if their name came from American soldiers. I can envision conversation coming to a halt like in an EF Hutton commercial! :D

Koreans are very proud of their heritage, and the topic of the Korean War or the G.I.s currently stationed there is a touchy subject.

And yes, Park is right up there with Kim and Lee for family names.

Another interesting thing about my work is that we have one exec that is white and has the last name Park. Everyone who meets him is surprised at first, because they were expecting a Korean :p

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Lost is connected to BSG also:
some folks from both shows want to go home
a ship was destoyed in episodes of each show
both shows have a few hot women
some religious stuff in both shows
both shows got guns
both shows have had a pregnancy
both shows have a doctor and a priest and a hunter
no one knows who is in charge on either show
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