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Battlestar Galactica 1/13/06 S2E12 Resurrection Ship Part 2

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I haven't seen it yet but I wanted to started the OFF. Thread. What do I win?
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"Anything in this 3 inches right here, that includes the chiclets, but not the erasers"
warrenevans said:
I haven't seen it yet but I wanted to started the OFF. Thread. What do I win?
bragging rights. :)
(I was just about the create this thread, but was doing the SG-1 and Atlantis ones first).

That was somewhat unexpected. I sort of guessed that both assassination teams would back down, but I almost expected it to be after they received their orders. (Although imagine how bad Starbuck would feel if, having passed up the chance to shoot Admiral Cain the Admiral ordered the assassination of Commander Adama.)

The fight was very nice to look at, although the long sequences with Apollo floating in that pool got old. (And shouldn't people who fight in space suits have some emergency patches to seal up any small holes?)

Admiral Adama. Interesting. I guess they plan on hanging on to Pegasus for a while. Of course I imagine they planned on hanging on to the Blackbird for a while as well, but that didn't turn out so well.
Well I wacthed the 1st minutes of it. Apolllo foalting in space/water. Looks Good. I will be back to read the thread tomorrow night and I have the pod cast download now

Link to podcast.

If anyone is interested, there was a LOT of dialog written for this episode, that was edited out after the closed captioning was done. Very interesting to consider how this dialog would have changed the mood of some scenes.

All in all, I think they did good. The silence was spookier.
Another wonderful episode for a wonderful series!!! Nice twist too :up: :up:
Yeah, loved the way they went silent during those battle scenes. What a powerful way to do a battle scene with huge ships being blown to bits, but with complete silence as we watch.
jstr said:
So where did Dr. Baltar hide Six?
In his head? :)

I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.
"Frak you."
"You're not my type."

My GODS, what a great episode. The drama was so perfect throughout the hour, but it was particularly so in the scene with Adama and CapricaBoomer. It actually made me stop for a second and humanize the Cylons... and considering all the things we've seen the Cylons do, that's some pretty incredible work. To say nothing of Baltar playing on the PegasusSix in order to deal with the Six in his head... *that* was great.

Never let it be said that BSG takes the easy way out of anything. Every victory came at a drastic cost, every moment of happiness came at someone else's downfall (pun not intended), and no act of conscience comes without a counterweighted flaw.

Damn. I wanna go watch it again.
What a great episode. I was so nervous leading up to the planned executions, that I was literally shaking in my seat. That's not happened with a TV show before.
Skittles said:
My GODS, what a great episode. The drama was so perfect throughout the hour...
Agreed, the way these last two episodes were executed was nearly flawless.

Well worth the wait.

Still coming down from that episode, perfect execution, in more than one way.

Would've liked to seen more combat scenes however I can't really complain.

Guess that we'll have to change the title to Battlestar's.
Adama and Roslin... sitting in a tree...

I loved how they cut straight to the chase of the battle scene and didn't even bother with them approaching. 2 base stars and a tone of fighters and they didn't even stand a chance against the combined might of 2 battlestars.

Amazing episode. I couldn't think of a better way to handle the situation.
Surprised no one mentioned that Adama had a talk with "his" Cylon and then the Cylon on the Pegasus did what he wanted to be done. With the Cylon doing the dirty deed there are no internal problems that would have occurred had Starbuck done the assasination.

Then again, maybe it was just a coincidence.
First of all, I never liked that plot device where the later, more dramatic scenes are shown first, and then we get the see what happened before that. I think directors used them because they don't have enough materials to fill the time.

Secondly, if the humans didn't get any intel on any another human-like Cylons, then I think it's really bad writing. I know it's probably for dramatic effects, so we can be surprised later when other Cylons are revealed, but to have the Ressurrection Ship there and not get anything out of it is just very lame.

So...any guesses on what happens to the Pegasus? They can't have both battlestars for the whole season? The show is called BSG, not BSG&P.
Whew...just watched the earlier ep and this one...very nice wrap up...maybe now they can take a break and do some exploring and stuff...go on some arcs away from the main one...

not that I'm bored with the main arc!

the kiss was a little weird...strange how quickly they've become best friends...
Kinda disappointed in this episode, given last episode. I think it was because of the Lee in the water scenes.

Couple of notes:
Both Adama and Cain backed down from the assination order, but Starbuck was only aware of Adama backing down. From the speech at the end, I think she was disappointed that Adama backed down. Wonder how that will play out.
Lee has a suicide wish.
So, how does Baltar get Gina off the ship? He can't fly a raptor, can he?
How many people know that Pegasus left civilians to die? I would think pilots would start talking to each other (the deck crew seem to know, at least)
I was sort of disappointed with this episode. I didn't feel any tension concerning the battle against the cylons. Everybody was acting like the cylon battle was easy, and making plans (to kill one another) after it was over.

So no tension with the cylons. And then Cain and Adama decide to be friends after 1 hour and 45 minutes of build up for a fight between them. I'm all for surprises in drama, but for me at least, the surprises in this episode fell flat. Adama pulling out at the last moment is possible, but his little talk with Boomer makes no sense as the reason. So cylons attacked because humans didn't deserve to survive. Well, that begs the question why not? And why would Cain not go through with her plan? Given everything we were told about her, why would she do that?

Why are they attacking the cylons in the first place? Unless the attack was easy, it seems like way too much risk for not much reward. And where was the rest of the fleet? Defenseless I assume?

I don't need everything to make sense. If something needs to be true for an episode to work, then so be it. But each episode seems to make less sense than the last. I feel like the episodes are getting further and further from what I liked in the mini-series.
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WOW! Incredible

Just WOW!
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