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I have a premiere with a bad tuner or power supply. Tuned to the same comcast qam256 channel after restart tuner 0 shows signal level 67% with snr of 33 and rs errors going up and gets pixelation and tuner 1 shows same channel with snr 38 signal 98% with no RS errors.

I can also reboot with an OTA digital signal tuned to same channel and see that Tuner 0 has a lower SNR and weaker signal strength than Tuner 1.

So either my tuner 0 is bad or I have a bad power supply. Which one do you think it is? I read in another thread that a user had a bad power supply that fixed his tuner issues but he had two bad tuners.

to rule out signal issues,
I also have another première that shows both tuners on same channel comcast channel with snr of 38 and signal of 98% matching the signal strength and SNR on both tuners with no RS errors.

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I just checked old Premiere, which is configured for both OTA & cable. After a restart. tuner 0 is solid at 84% and 36dB SNR. Tuner 1 has a signal that moves 32% to 34% and SNR is solid at 36dB. It's an old box, and may take three tries to boot. No errors though. I would say you have a bad tuner 0.
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