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Back to You 10/10/07

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Ugh....another humorless episode....looks like I will have to say buh bye to this poor attempt of a sitcom.
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I liked this show better the first time I saw it...when it was that half-season of Frasier after the station changed to an all-Hispanic format and every episode consisted of Frasier about to get a job at another station when something out of the blue happens, it ends up being mishandled, and he's still unemployed at the end. Even then, I was glad when they went back to the old "radio talk show host" setting.

-- Don
Interesting they emphasized the fact that its filmed in front of a live audience this week... maybe they were not pleased of being accused of a cheesy laugh track?
I like the show so far, but this was the weakest episode.
The most I've gotten out of this show was 2 to 3 laughs an episode.

If it doesn't insult my intelligence, that is enough to watch.
I gave up. All I did was stare at the weather girl's chest. That couldn't even save this show.
I am enjoying this show enough to keep watching. I seem to be the only one according to this thread. Funny think, in the thread about "Carpoolers", I seem to be the only one not liking it.
I didn't like Carpoolers, either. And when I say Montana's chesticles couldn't save this show for me, that is quite profound. Just look:

And I still couldn't watch this show.
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^ What is wrong with her lips?

I could only stare at that photo for 5 or 10 minutes until I noticed her lips and had to look away (5 or 10 minutes later).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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