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avi files

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hello : i have a Series 2. dt i have some moves in my computer that im trying to transfer to my tivo but there in avi format. is there software out there that i can use to convert theses files to tivo format . and how do i transfer theses files from my computer to my tivo.

all help appreciated

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TiVo Desktop 2.5 will do that already. You can also try Videora TiVo Converter: http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/TiVo/
hey craige: i already downloading Videora it's telling me it doesn't support avi format.
TiVo Desktop 2.5 will only convert .AVIs if you buy the $25 Plus upgrade.

You could also try pyTiVo or TiVo.Net (see links in my sig) which are both free applications that convert just about any video format.
thanks guys upgraded to tivo desktop plus and it works great.
what is tivo net and Galleon and what does theses programs do?
Check out the links in my sig.

Galleon is sort of a TiVo Desktop replacement: it will host your music and photos and has other apps like weather, traffic, webcams, iTunes library support, etc.

TiVo.Net and pyTiVo are video "servers" that will transcode a variety of video formats (like Divx, Xvid, Flash, etc.) on-the-fly to be played on your TiVo (like what TiVo Desktop plus does, but with more format support and without the $25 price tag).

All three apps also are cross-platform, so they're not limited to just Windows.
Videora and Tivo.net are not working properly with 9.1
im new to this tivo stuff now that im using desktop plus, do i need to use any of the other programs?
Please elaborate on how tivo.net is not working 'properly'.

I have a thread here about a problem I'm having since 9.1 and was hoping that tivo.net would fix it.

I'm just using TivoDesktop at this point, but have had no problems until 9.1, converting video from .avi to .mpg and then watching it on the tivo.

But since 9.1, I get audio, but no video. :(
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