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Warren said:
well I have the free 2.5 and it says nothing about having to pay for it.
From the Release Notes:
2. New Features of TiVo Desktop 2.5

This version of TiVo Desktop has the following new features.

• Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista.

This version has the following features in TiVo Desktop Plus.

• Adds 'Apple iPod' to the list of portable devices. Converted files are added directly to your iTunes library.

• Supports transfer and playback of .AVI or .Divx files encoded with the DivX codec (version 4 or higher) or with the Xvid codec. No other video formats are supported within .AVI files.

• Allows conversion of previously transferred TiVo recordings by selecting the recording and then selecting 'Convert for ...' from the Action menu.

• Converts recordings for portable devices sequentially..

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Ok If I want to buy a portable video player like the Ipod Video can I put Tivo shows on there and watch them? I am interested in this Archos video/mp3 player with Wifi. I have a Dell DJ but it doesn't do video. I download movies sometimes and have one now in AVI format. I want to be able to watch it on a portable movie player. My laptop is too big to carry around. But if the portable video player also played my tivo shows that would be awesome. I just wondered if there is a certain player that plays Tivo shows or do I need the Tivo 2 Go Plus which I will buy if I have to. I can get this Archos 30gig with wifi for the same price as a 30 gig ipod. I usually use Tivo 2 Go and watch on Laptop but I want something smaller that will play both a downloaded movie off the net like a AVI or mpeg, divx whatever it is and my Tivo shows even if I have to buy the plus and convert them.
Thanks, Rose
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