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I've searched around but haven't seen any posts with the same problem. Any help appreciated.

-HR10-250 (installed 12/31), optical cable, McIntosh MX-132 receiver
-Local channels through SAT, not OTA
-Signal strength at 90s for 101 and 85 for 110

1) Audio cuts out/blips out for 1-2 seconds and returns.
-only noticed on Dolby 5.1 setting
-Happens only on all the HD series of channels (HBO, HDNet, HDNet Movies, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, ESPN), though not necessarily HD broadcast (could be SD on HD channels)
-Happens more frequently on ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS (10 times per hr?)
-Happens on both live and recorded
-On a live or recorded broadcast, does not blip out on the same spot, i.e., rewind and play and the audio is there

2) Crackling noise
-Only on HD channels
-ProLogic setting
This doesn't happen as frequently so I haven't had time to do as much troubleshooting

One other variable is that I had a Samsung SIR-TS360 (non-tivo) prior to this and it would also have audio cutouts (I never spent time troubleshooting it since it was hardly used). I have 3 other SD Tivos in other rooms and all are perfect. Similary the SD broadcast channels on the HR10-250 are also perfect.

In both cases, video is perfect.

Any ideas?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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