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Audio problem with MPG from home DVD

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I'm having an issue with no audio from an MPG transferred from my PC to our S3 TiVos using TiVo Desktop 2.8.2. The MPG was created using VideoReDo TVSuite 4 from a DVD provided by my son's school for their school play. VideoRedo reports the following information for the audio stream.

Audio Stream: 1 (Primary)
Codec LPCM
Channels 2.0
Sub stream id xA0
Bit rate 1536 Kbps
Sampling rate 48000
Sample size 16 bits

Is this audio format not compatible and if not, what would be the best format/bit rate to convert the audio to (preferably with VideoReDo)?


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The LPCM audio is probably the problem. What the TiVo needs is:
mpeg1 - layer II (mp2) or AC3
This is taken from this chart:
I think you will find a way to specify one of these in the VRD Output Profiles.
Yeah, the TiVo won't play LPCM audio. pyTivo will reencode just the audio track, if you want to try that.

Although it's part of the DVD standard, in practice, this kind of audio is usually only found on music video discs. (It's favored for music because it's lossless; at the same time, it's limited to stereo, but most music is already mastered for stereo.)

That did it. I used VideoRedo to save it again with MP2 audio and it works fine transferred with TiVo Desktop.

Note that it was working when transferred with pyTivo from my WHS server so I figured it was converting the audio to a format the TiVo could use, but I wanted the "source" to be correct so no conversion was needed (and so I could use TiVo Desktop if needed from my other PCs).

Thanks again!

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