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I just upgraded my home theater. Went from a 65" Sony 1080p TV to a new XBR-950g and from a Pioner VSX-1123 to a VSX-LX104. Great picture and great audio. I watch quite bit of programming from a Tivo and what I am seeing now is when I hit "play" or come out of a pause or a FFWD the audio takes about 5 seconds to kick in. Seems short but you can actually miss dialog. This was never an issue with the VSX-1123. I am still trying to figure out what might be the issue. Tivo? Receiver? I was hoping someone here might have some ideas for a better way to test this and figure it out. The audio out from the Tivo is "Dolby audio" The same as was sent to the 1123. The only other choice is PCM. The same issue doesn't occur with my Apple TV so that does point to the Tivo. But, again, same audio out choice. Just the new receiver. Not really finding anything to change in the menus there but I am looking!

Thanks for any help that might be offered. It will be much appreciated.

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