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Audio Help Please

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I started having a strange issue last night. I was set up to record 2 shows on one channel. When I went in the room to turn the TV on... there was no sound on that channel. All other channels fine. I could watch that channel on other TV's in the house, not connected to Tivo, and the sound was fine. The sound is still screwed up this morning. Does anyone know what would cause this? It's really strange that it is only on one channel. Thanks !!
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Have you tried resetting/rebooting your Tivo?
Yeah, that was the first thing I did after checking a few things. I did figure out the problem and I am all squared away !! Thanks for the help !!
I'be been wondering about that too.

I suspect it has something to do with Venusian terrorists and their mad plan to capture all of the Earth's sounds and hold them for ransom.
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