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Asus Router w/Tomato Firmware media server???

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Anyone have experience with using a HDD connected to a router running Tomato firmware as a media server for the Tivo? I have an Asus RT-N16 running Tomato. I can see the HDD from my computer and I have the media server enabled and tivo box checked. The HDD doesnt show as a media server in my network on windows explorer and my Tivo doesnt see it either. The attached HDD shows as a PC in my network in windows explorer. I did get it to work 1 time with a different HDD once but I think the HDD spun down and the tivo never saw it again. I have another HDD connected now that doesnt spin down so I figured I'd set it up again, but the media server part doesnt seem to work. Only the network drive portion.

Anyone help with this issue?
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I have no idea, but stupid questions on my part:
1) Are they all set to use DHCP to get the address from the router (so they show up on the same subnet)?
2) Are they all obviously hooked up to the LAN ports of the router (or via WiFi to the router, getting DHCP address from the router)?
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