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Arlington, VA Comcast Fall update problems

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I received the Fall update (only to 9.1) last night on my S2 and THD boxes. This morning I am having problems with them that I haven't read about in the list of issues with the fall update.

On my S2 box, I only get the local channels (1 - 10), some PBSs, some Spanish, and some home shopping. Nothing else. On some of the channels, I get the basic cable/connection error (nothing is wrong with the connection). The program information still displays though.

Similarly on my THD box, I only get the proper HD channels and 2-3 local channels. Everything else is black screen. Some channels pull up the cable card host ID screen. The program information though gives 720p for all the channels except the 2-3 local ones (displaying as 480i, not sure why I wouldn't get all the local channels like my S2 box) and the proper HD channels (displaying whatever resolution they normally are).
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