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I am reposting this from the Bolt DVR/Streamer forum in hopes that someone in this forum may be able to help.

I am in the Pasadena, California area and use a Bolt OTA with an attic mounted RCA Yagi antenna into an almost new LG OLED TV. I get excellent reception through the Bolt on all but channels 7 and 11 where (especially on 7) there is much pixelation. There is no pixelation when i view the same antenna signal through a splitter to the LG TV. My signal strength on the TiVO Diagnostics on all channels is 72 with an SNR of 29. The RS uncorrected is 0 on all but channels 7 and 11 where it is elevated on all 4 Bolt tuners.

Channels 7 and 11 are the only VHF channels in the line up. TV Fool gives the distance from the broadcast antennas as 9.7 miles. The UHF channels coming from the same distance and direction do not have problems. I have run a cable directly from the antenna to the TV and to the Bolt; while I did not take measurements at the time, the pixelation differential was evident.

Can these problems be from other than the Bolt tuners having difficulty with VHF signals? Does anyone have any suggestions for me? If the tuners are felt to be at fault, is this a known problem? If I were to request assistance from TIVO, what additional information should I provide them to make my case?

Many Thanks in advance, and Stay Safe!
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