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Official Tivo Support Response...

Je**** (10/17/2016): I am sorry, but if the issue is as you described, and that the issue is not occurring with your other apple devices except the iPad, that is a clear indication that the issue seems to be isolated to the device in question and its Apple Airplay options and settings.

As previously mentioned; The TiVo App does not have any restriction settings that would hinder its output of the resolution via the Apple Airplay option. The TiVo App does not have the ability to alter any of Apple's software or settings.

I would still recommend contacting Apple Customer Support for possible settings adjustments that can be made with the Apple Airplay option with its resolutions.

Me (10/17/2016): okay, well i just mentioned this not being an issue prior to iOS10... so obviously, the app is not working as designed with this update.. so what I am gathering is you are refusing to escalate this?

Je***** (10/17/2016): I am sorry, but we cannot escalate a case for a feature that is not a TiVo feature. Apple Airplay issues and settings are Apple software and domain. We cannot troubleshoot your Apple Airplay or its settings.
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