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App crashes on airplane mode - Android 9 on Samsung Tab A

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Good evening,
I have issues playing downloads within the TiVo app (4.2.3-1273615) when in airplane mode.
I have successfully downloaded several shows and can replay them as long as I am still connected to WiFi.
When I turn on airplane mode this is what happens;
I start the app and can then choose “shows on tablet” and view the downloaded list.
I can select a show and one of two things happens. The show page opens and when I select play the app quits or the app may quit when I first select the show.

If I start the app while on WiFi I can start a show and then turn on airplane mode and continue to watch. So as long as nothing goes wrong or I inadvertently close it .....might be ok...?? But I am sure somewhere along the way I’ll need to restart the app.

Samsung galaxy tab A 10.1 (SM-T510) with about 90 gigs free.

I am going on several long plane trips so any help is appreciated.
Thanks. Mike.
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