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Anywhere to have your tivo fixed

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My oldest tivo (havent talked about it in my other thread)

my oldest tivo is 5 years old atleast. I got the lifetime on it then it broke wouldn't take the remote control signal. Where could I send it to be fixed?
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Are you sure it is the TiVo and not the remote? If you are, then:

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Try the batteries...
Also- you say "oldest"- I assume you have tried one of the other remotes you have with this unit already?

If you have a Series 3 or newer another option could be to get a slide remote, if the port is bad. that uses bluetooth and not IR.
Are you sure you have the remote on the right setting? i.e. the 1/2 switch?

It could be the IR receiver board. I had that go bad on one of my S1s, and had to buy a new(to me) one.. I think I got it on eBay, but weaknees would work too.
Does the yellow LED come on when you press a button on the remote? Does the remote still work to control the TV and/or amplifier?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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