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iamjoe said:
I went with the direc tv ota antenna when I got my hr-250 about 6 months ago. I figured, let the installers install it. SO far it's been good. My question is... woudl I get more HD channels with a better antenna. An antenna that you can rotate is probably the best way to go.
Hard to use a rotator with a Tivo, kinda defeats the purpose. A good UHF antenna will get some signal off-direction, always worth trying that. Keep in mind ghosting and snow is not an issue with digital (there are other multipath issues but not as common). For Tivo users with more demanding directional needs, two antennas facing different directions joined through a low-gain, ultra-low-noise preamp is a solution that almost always works well. Usually you need a large antenna only for one direction, with a much smaller antenna pointed elsewhere.

I'm a big fan of the classic bowtie UHFs, notably the Channel Master 4224 and 4228 (4 and 8 bay). Most digital broadcasting is UHF or VHF high range, which these antennas handle pretty well.

DTV did an install for me, a bad one, with a generic 2 bay bowtie that got three stations. I have read that many installers are using the Winegard batwing, which is an elegant solution for a very nearby mixture of UHF and mid-low-range VHF. But a 2 bay bowtie is pretty feeble. I replaced that with a CM 4228 and now get about 14 stations.
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