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Wish I could be more helpful Sorry. That said, I went through hell with my outdoor antenna. D* didn't have their package when I needed it (not that I know of) and I tried multiple methods for indoor, attic, outdoor, and finally an outdoor, first class antenna from Radioshak. Radioshak then hired an outside contractor to install my antenna. It still isn't perfect, as I our locals are weak, but I liked that Radioshak had the completed package. Please post if you go with D*'s and let us know. Heck, I didn't know D* even had the service, seems like a winner as they would have to guarantee it. After just typing this far, I'm sold that D* would be the way to go, and maybe add their warranty service which "should" include the outdoor antenna. Good luck and sorry for the "thinking out loud" type of response.
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