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I upgraded to the NON TIVO package with the OTA and the ladder phobic installer showed up and said it would not work. After I got beyond that I went out and
bought the $40 Terk Indoor and I can the main - CBS/ABC locals loud and clear, 80%. If I point the Terk more to the right. I can get NBC and Fox. I get
the two local PBS just fine on the same compass heading as CBS.

I guess they don't want to build an install base so we will buy the locals when 'in July when the new birds are ''ready''. Not that I believe July ready date.

I live near Boston about 13 miles from the towers on a heading of between 90Deg and 95deg.

They deducted the $50 from the bill that is difference between the NO OTA HD and the OTA HD (non Tivo).

Go to the antenna.org site and see how far you live and on what compass heading and see if you meet the distance and tall buildings criteria.

Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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