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My install was awful. The installer CLEARLY didn't care if I was happy or whatever. And then there is the actual antenna. I don't know WHICH antenna it is (I don't do heights), but it appears to be TINY. I am only 15 miles from all of my stations, and all are within a few degrees of each other, but my reception is not very good. More importantly, I ONLY get reception when I plug into my TV's built in tuner. From my HD10-250, I GET NOTHING. ZIP. NADA. Thinking it was a bad tuner in the box, I had it swapped out. Same thing.

Anyway, I have a new Channel Master 4221 coming tomorrow and a friend will install it instead of the POS that DirecTV put up there. Hopefully, the signal will be strong enough to work even with the HD10-250. Otherwise, after several years of being very happy with DirecTV, I'm heading back to cable. I'll just eat whatever contractual loss I have to. It' sreally too bad; before this whole HD debacle (and there's more that is not in the post, I assure you) I really liked the service I was getting.
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