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I ask this question because it seems the cheepest way to go
if in fact that I cant get a waiver for local HD channels. I was gonna
order the HR10-250 from one of our forum sponsers but when I
informed him that I needed a new HD dish as well, and now I am
thinking out door antenna as part of the package the money
just about evens out seeing how DTV's charges include professional
installation for both the new dish and antenna.

Anyways I ask about the outdoor antenna because, I dont want to
have them hook up something that may not even do the job.
I live in Tracy, Ca. and have to get my locals from Sacramento. which
is close to 40 miles away although its all flat land all the way.

Sorry bout gettin sidetracked, HAS anyone had any good or bad experience
with the outdoor Antenna that DTV bundles with their HD package???

Thanks in advance if anyone would be nice enough to advise me/.

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Just a follow up on my adventure. I did
in fact order the bundle and the install was
done bout 4 hrs ago. That outdoor Antenna
that they bundle works really well. I am 38
miles away from all 4 major networks and
from the signal test I ready in the low 90's .
I am very pleased with this .

One off note my HDMI output seems not
to be working out of the box on my HD TiVo.
So a higher lvl tech guy is comin out to see
what gives. My toshiba is maybe 3 weeks old
although it was a display model. I did notice that
the Cosco were not using the HDMI before I watched
them unhook it. Well anyways, thanx all for the input.
Hope my little review of the OTA helps someone.
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