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In the Season Pass Manager, I noticed some programs have a yellow circle with one check while others have a purple circle with two checks...the ones with purple have the same show listed twice.

Also, when I was trying to check the scheduled recordings, the TiVo now seems to prompt conflicting shows that don't really conflict. For example:

I have Family Guy scheduled to tape on Sunday at 9pm. However, TiVo tells me it now conflicts with two shows I have scheduled on Thursday.....CSI at 9 pm and Supernatural at 9 pm. Under normal circumstances these two shows on Thursday tape at the same time because of the dual tuner.

Now I do have a TiVo Series 2 Dual Tuner and all of the main basic cable channels are clicked to record on both analog inputs if there is a conflict. I have never had these issues until the recent software upgrade.

Very strange and frustrating. Anyone have any insight or answers? Has TiVo metnioned anything about it? Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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