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SickofDirectv said:
Damn. That sucks cuzz I actually paid for one of my recievers. Eh, oh well. Cable will only let ya have 2 DVRs. Maybe I'll keep Directv for the other 2.

That's exactly what you have, a receiver. It just happens to have TiVo software, so it receives D* signals and uses TiVo DVR functions. it is NOT at TiVo. Maybe that'll stop you being upset that you can't use it with cable.

As has been stated, you have a badly aligned dish (or possibly a faulty one), so don't blame D* for an installer's shoddy work. Call them and have them come and fix the problem rather that bad-mouthing them. We have plenty of REAL reasons to do that around here!!

If you really ARE "SickofDirectv", then why bother to register and post in a D* forum? :rolleyes:
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