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Anyone having an issue with...

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I have noticed in the last few weeks each day when I go to watch my living room upgraded Tivo, ( I also have two others in the house not upgraded), that it no longer has the 30 second skip enabled. When I look at the system info it is saying it needs to be restarted. From what I gathered from talking to the Tivo rep in his "I will tell you without telling you so I won't get fired language", Tivo has put somthing into the new software that detects when the drive in the Tivo is bigger than what should be in it. Anyone else encountered this problem?

P.S. I got my two 120 drives to replace the original 80 from Weaknees. I sent them an e-mail and got the lame reply that I should get a UPS. Can you believe!? :mad:
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This has nothing to do with "new software detecting when the drive is bigger than what should be in it".

If your Tivo says "pending restart" in the "Messages & Setup" -> "System Information" display, then it has downloaded new software and will reboot itself to install that new software. My guess is that your Tivo is doing that in the moddle of the night but is not succeeding for some reason. And when the Tivo reboots, you lose your 30-sec skip.

The UPS advice is certainly not "lame". Tivos are very sensitive to AC power glitches, and a UPS provides much better protection than a surge protector. Losing 30-sec skip is often a symptom of power glitches rebooting the Tivo, hence Weaknees' advice. But the fact that your Tivo is "pending restart" suggests that something else is wrong. Are you sure you used the correct the Weaknees drive with the correct image files for your brand/model Tivo? They're not all the same, and if you used the wrong one you'll have this problem where the Tivo cannot properly download/install software updates.
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It is possible that the update is not being successful when the Tivo restarts. As far as the drives being correct, I am sure they are the right ones. I bought the drives for the right model overe two years ago and this is the first problem I have encountered. It is interesting to note that if I manually restart everything looks and works as it should until the next daily download.
A UPS suggestion isn't "lame", but I've never had a UPS, I've had TiVos in the house for years, and never had any problems.
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